Summer 2024

During summer we have no Sunday services - from midsummer until 4th of august. Follow us on Instagram for more info on whats going on during summer - or see set dates on the Summer ad here on the side. Looking forward to meet you  at one of our summer events or at church after the summer holidays. Stay tuned.

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Service time: Sundays 11 am

So that your kingdom come in Gothenburg as in heaven!

We are a church in the heart of Gothenburg, firmly rooted in the timeless foundation and confession of the Church. Our daily aspiration is to embody the Church’s enduring and profoundly relevant message of love within our city. As a church, our unity revolves around the prayer and mission bestowed upon Jesus' followers – to propagate God’s kingdom and witness His will being realized on earth as it is in heaven.

Our community is a diverse tapestry woven with individuals from various corners of the globe. The structure of our worship services is both ancient and innovative and is the heartbeat of the rhythm of the week. We extend a warm invitation for you to join in the celebration with us!

"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Matt 6:10"

What can you expect on a Sunday?

In CENTRO, we aim to unite the heritage of Christianity's rich history with the expressions of faith that are being shaped and emerging today. Our worship services are well thought out, while also maintaining a deep openness to the unique guidance of the Holy Spirit. Throughout everything, our focus is for the gospel to be at the center, shaping our longing to follow Jesus in our city. Our worship services include praise and prayer, Bible reading, preaching, communion, and always the opportunity for intercession, with the belief that God heals and liberates, guides and restores today. Our services conclude with a simple coffee gathering and fellowship. The worship service is the heartbeat of the church's life and our vision is to be shaped as a community in following Jesus together. In addition to our Sundays, we gather in Community Groups to collectively explore and share our faith, our lives, and our everyday experiences. Here, we create an inclusive space where even those new to the church can discover, explore, and deepen their faith.

Join us this Sunday!