About us

Our Vision


Through a church focused on the
CORE of Christian faith, allowing nothing
to overshadow it.

That EARNESTLY seeks and
WORSHIPS God, where preaching
is life-transforming and

a flourishing and down-to-earth
SPIRIT-FILLED everyday Christians,
who FOLLOW JESUS in our city.

Our core beliefs

God's Kingdom, Our Vision - Our desire is to follow Jesus, ushering His kingdom and aligning with His will in our city and throughout the world.

Ancient - Future - Rooted in the rich history of the Church, we adapt to the present and gaze optimistically toward the future.

Authentic Community - We affirm our shared humanity, embracing the call to be genuine and intimately connected to one another.

Gospel-Centered - In our church, the Gospel serves as the lens through which we interpret the entirety of God's Word. It unfolds the complete narrative of God's salvation, from creation and the fall to atonement and restoration.

Organic Growth - We aim for natural, God-ordained growth at a pace that aligns with His divine will.

Prayer and Worship - Our church is a place where our love and dependence on God find expression through song, prayer, and adoration.

Our team

Jakob Rönnerfors - Lead Pastor

Joel MacInnes, Pierre Nordling, Tobias Bohlin - Lead Team

Our community

Life is formed though community – We wish to be a church that comprises all of life, where we learn to love God, each other and ourselves. We have a vision of a down-to-earth community that follows Jesus in our city. There are many things in a big city that seek to capture our hearts and minds. It is therefore crucial that we have fellowship with other Christian brothers and sisters so that we can be integrated into a strong ecosystem of relationships that shape us to follow Jesus in our city.

In CENTRO, community development thrives through collective relational responsibility and what we refer to as Community Groups. Our Community leaders work to establish natural meeting places in everyday life, fostering growth in relationships, community, and closeness to one another. Community Groups can take various forms, centered around meal-sharing, activities/interests, Bible study, prayer, etc.

Youth have their own gatherings on selected Friday or weekend evenings. Additionally, community activities for children occur a few times per semester.

Our theology

Classic Orthodoxy - We steadfastly adhere to the timeless Christian ecumenical creeds, as articulated in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.

Reformational Evangelical - Our foundation lies broadly in the Reformation, embracing its fundamental teachings: Scripture alone, Christ alone, Faith alone, Grace alone, and Glory to God alone. At the same time we recognize the Church's continual need for ongoing reformation. We consider ourselves a part of the global evangelical movement, embodying its theological principles articulated in the Lausanne Covenant.

Ancient - Future - We aspire to blend the historical roots of the Church with God's continuous work, navigating towards the future. Our approach involves a deliberate reflection on the past as we move forward.

Believer’s Baptism - We exclusively profess and practice believer’s baptism through immersion, seeing it as intricately tied to discipleship and following Christ. We warmly welcome all who affirm their baptism into Christ, acknowledging the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as esteemed members of our church, even if the baptism occurred in a different church tradition.

Charismatic - We believe in the Spirit's active role in restoring God's creation, equipping individuals in diverse ways for the Great Commission and fostering fellowship among believers.

Missional - Our calling is to accompany Jesus into our city and beyond, serving as witnesses to the risen Christ. We engage in planting churches and laboring for God's will to be realized on earth as it is in heaven.