The Worship Service - At CENTRO, we aim to blend the rich history of Christianity with a contemporary expression of faith that is continually evolving. Our liturgy is thoughtfully structured yet remains open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel takes center stage, shaping our desire to follow Jesus in our city. Each service encompasses music, scripture reading, read- and spontanous prayers, expository sermons, the Lord’s Supper, and opportunities for confession and intercession. We conclude every service with coffee and joyful fellowship. The worship service lies at the heart of the Church's life, where we gather to grow, be equipped in our faith, and then be sent out into our city to live for Jesus. This is the movement and rhythm that defines our existence.

We Embrace Liturgy - Recognizing that as individuals, we are surrounded by liturgies, rhythms, patterns, and traditions, whether consciously or not, we understand that these elements shape our faith and lives. Our services are meticulously planned to encompass the entire Gospel story, from Creation and the Fall to Atonement and Restoration. Our desire is to be shaped by the Gospel, ensuring that the message of God’s grace and love, personified in Jesus Christ, occupies the center of everything we do. Consequently, the entire service revolves around Jesus Christ, the hope of the world!

Children - Children play a crucial role in our worship service. They participate for the first 20 minutes before heading to the KIDS group. Learn more about KIDS here.

International - CENTRO is a church community with members from all corners of the world. Our Sunday services are conducted in Swedish, with simultaneous in-ear translation available in English. All information and liturgy on the screens are presented in both Swedish and English, and our worship songs are a mix of both languages.

We hope you discover a home in CENTRO and within our community. We eagerly anticipate getting to know you!